Kampi ya moto receives drinking water


Water has been an issue in Kampi ya moto long before I knew this place existed.  Children in this area, usually the orphans – have the daily task of walking the hot and dusty two-mile trek to a river to collect water that is then used for drinking and cooking.  I’ve been told that the water is usually boiled before it’s consumed, but the mere fact that the mortality rate in Kampi ya moto is 50% or higher leads me to believe that boiling it alone doesn’t remove the incidence of water borne illnesses.

I walk to this river with the children every time that I visit Kampi.  In a word, it’s disgusting.  The water is brown, and the shore is filled with mud-pocked holes made by the hooves of the cows and other animals that share this water hole with members of the village.  

For the past several years we have tried in vain to have a borehole dug but were met with obstacles at every turn.  From the purchasing of the land to the geological studies (yes, that’s plural – the first one was lost along the way!) that had to be conducted, to the unfortunate circumstance of hiring a company who claimed to be Living Waters International but made off with our hard won funds instead, it has been an uphill climb since we’ve started this process.  In June 2013, Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) – our partners in this project, hired a company that drilled down 215 meters before experiencing “high borehole collapse”.  At that point it was determined that the well was dry.  After some research and deliberation a rain harvesting system was set up as an alternative, and today the children are able to get clean drinking water from a spigot outside their school!!  This is a HUGE change for these kids!